Custer to Scottville trip is a gorgeous 6 mile run.  The PM River flows about 3 miles/hour, so it takes approximately 2 hours in a canoe or kayak.  Bring a picnic and your swim suit and it can easily be 3 hours.  Tubes and rafts take 3-4 hours to float through this same section.

Our prices are based on a flat fee for the trip.  It is not a timed trip.  We take you up river on a shuttle bus and you leisurely float back to you vehicle. For longer trips, please call for prices.

Custer to Scottville Trip:

3 seat Canoe = $35

Single Kayak = $25

Double Kayak = $40
Raft for 4 people = $60
(Rafting takes about 3 hours)
Standard tube = $10, XL tube = $15
(Tubing takes about 4 hours)

Complimentary sight seeing with all rentals!

 Life vests, cushions, paddles, and shuttle bus transportation is included in these prices.

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